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Boy #2 “Moose” Gray Collar – SOLD

Boy #2 “Moose” Gray Collar – SOLD

Gray Collar was the second boy born, he is Liver and Roan. Currently, he is 13 weeks old and weighs in at 30.2 pounds and who (based on observation) is the most intelligent and laid back of the litter of nine. He’s also quite the kennel climber/escape artist.

Things of Note:

  • Approximately 27 Champion pedigrees from both sire and dam
  • Microchip ID Transponder Included
  • 3x Wormed and 1x Inoculated with DA2pp Vaccine

All of our puppies are given a pre-paid registration with AKC, as well as an AKC microchip so that they can be easily and quickly identified if lost.

Our dogs have Dual Championship Pedigrees and are perfect for the show ring, hunting, and family pet. They are incredibly intelligent and we are proud to offer them.

2 thoughts on “Boy #2 “Moose” Gray Collar – SOLD”

    • Moose is still available. Based on observation, I would say he is the calmest and most intelligent puppy of the litter. Feel free to schedule a visitation or text me for further information 760-807-2179.

      The Litter of Puppies was born on August 29th at 2:30 AM (at 13 weeks old).

      Currently, there are two other people within the past 24 hours who have inquired into his availability.
      Cost for males is a $200 deposit with $1250 balance upon pickup or delivery.
      • Approximately 27 Champion pedigrees from both sire and damn
      • Microchip ID Transponder Included
      • 3x Wormed and 2x Inoculated with DA2PP Vaccine

      I E-mailed some updated pictures of him because they have grown so quickly since we lasted posted pictures.

      The boys are currently around 31 pounds. He’s very people friendly and if you are interested we also have 4 amazing female puppies available in addition to #2 “Moose” Gray Collar.

      Please contact me anytime if you are interested in arranging a visitation or viewing their cute puppy personalities in person.

      Darren Larson

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